Academic Excellence Recognition Ceremony

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This program recognizes those graduating seniors participating in the commencement ceremony with a special medallion in recognition of high academic achievement.  It also provides recognition for students participating through the University Honors Program and Saluki Athletics by way of Honor Cords, again, based on academic achievement.  This program is designed for those at the undergraduate levels of Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude.

Each of these students identified through the Registrar's Office as well as the University Honors Program will be invited to a special event to celebrate their academic achievement.  Each will be recognized individually and presented with a medallion, cord, or both at this event.  If attendance is not possible, every effort will be made to provide the student with the opportunity to receive their medallion or cord prior to the commencement ceremony.

At the commencement ceremony, these students will be asked to stand and be recognized.  We ask that the graduate wear these medallions and cords with their cap and gown.  It is a wonderful honor to see these graduates stand throughout the hall and receive the applause from thousands of guests.

The event will be held on Friday, May 11, 2018, in the SIU Student Center. Registration check-in will be in the John Corker Lounge.  The ceremony will be held in the Ballrooms. Ceremony times yet to be determined.

View photos of the December 2017 Academic Excellence Recognition Ceremony.

Academic Excellence Recognition Criteria

Recognition will be given to those undergraduate seniors who have met the criteria of Latin honors as described below.  A medallion and/or cord representing the level of honor earned will also be presented.

The undergraduate student's degree honors designation is printed on transcripts and on the diploma, and is determined by first measuring the SIU GPA against the criteria below, then the cumulative All-Work GPA calculated according to SIU policy from all undergraduate career work including work transferred in from other institutions.

Summa cum Laude - The Highest Honors designation awarded to graduating students with an SIU GPA of 3.900 or higher and an All-Work GPA of 3.900 or higher.

Magna cum Laude - The High Honors designation awarded to graduating students with an SIU GPA or 3.750 or higher and an All-Work GPA of 3.750 or higher, but one or both of which is less than 3.900.

Cum Laude - The Honors designation awarded to graduating students with an SIU GPA of 3.500 or higher and an All-Work GPA of 3.500 or higher, but one or both of which is less than 3.750.

University Honors Program Criteria

The University Honors Program (UHP) is a university-wide undergraduate program. It represents community, diversity, leadership, service, lifelong learning, global awareness and research, and it is committed to providing both experience and opportunity to foster those values.

Upon admission into the UHP, students will choose one of the following two tracks:
Honors Diploma - Completion of seven (7) honors courses and a 3 credit thesis under a  member of the faculty. Students must maintain a 3.3 GPA.
Honors Certificate - Completion of five (5) honors courses and students must maintain a 3.3 GPA.

Beginning August 2015, all newly admitted students to the University Honors Program will be required to complete the following:

Completion of 18 honors-recognized credit hours (this may include up to six AP credits, and may include a senior project or thesis under the direction of a faculty member; a thesis is no longer mandatory). Students who wish to pursue a thesis, and can secure a member of the faculty to supervise it, will have the title of their thesis appear on their SIU transcripts. Transfer students with an associate degree must complete 12 credit hours. For additional information please contact the University Honors Program at (618) 453-2824.

Athletic Honors

The maroon and white cord represents those students who have maintained an overall 3.5 GPA while competing in our athletics program.

Military Honors

Red, white and blue cords will be provided to our veterans and active military graduating seniors to be worn at commencement. The distribution of these cords will take place through the Office of Veterans Services.