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Meet the Events and Outreach Team!

Events and Outreach Team


Sarah VanVooren

  • B.A. Southern Illinois University
  • M.S., Southern Illinois University
  • Sarah VanVooren is the Director of Events and Outreach. She has managed that department since its creation in 2023 and has been at SIU since 2011. In the past, Sarah was the Associate Director of Conference and Scheduling Services and Assistant Director of the Student Center at SIU. She also worked at Purdue University as the Assistant Director of Operations for Recreational Sports and Services from 2008 – 2011. Sarah oversees the Events and Outreach department and has oversight of university events, conference services and continuing education for campus.


Diane McIntyre

  • B.A. Southern Illinois University
  • Diane is the Assistant Director of Events and Outreach and has served in this role since May 2023. Diane has an extensive background in customer care, sales, leadership, and oversight of day-to-day operation of organizations both on and off campus. Diane has served in multiple oversight and management roles since 2006 at SIU, including assisting Camps and Conference since 2014.


Rebecca Dycus

  • B.B.A. Northeastern State University, OK
  • M.S., Southern Illinois University
  • Rebecca joined the SIU campus in 2007, and since 2018, has worked with on- and off-campus clients orchestrating conferences, camps, continuing education courses and assisted with large scale events.


Brandon McElmurry

  • B.S. in Accountancy, Southern Illinois University
  • M.Acc., Southern Illinois University
  • Brandon has worked for CSS as an Account Technician since August 2016. He processes transactions related to camps & conferences and manages the Conference Service Accounts. He has been associated with Southern Illinois University Carbondale since the Fall of 2011. He graduated from the College of Business – School of Accountancy with a Bachelor’s (2013) and Master’s (2014) Degree in Accounting.


Kim Goforth

  • Kim has been at Southern Illinois University since 2006 and has served in multiple roles undertaking events across campus. She is currently a Special Events Facilitator with Events and Outreach and has been with the department for seven years. Kim helps with planning a variety of events, including commencement, and provides support for operations within the department.


Courtney Crafton

  • Courtney has been at Southern Illinois University since 2019. She has worked as the Office Manager in the Chancellor’s office and Office Administrator for the Vice Chancellor for Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She has been the Office Administrator with Events and Outreach since May 2023 assisting with departmental operations and assisting conference and event coordinators with event management and logistics.