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2001-Present Recipients
Year Name Degree
2022 Richard Hunt Doctor of Public Arts
2022 Cho-Yee To Doctor of Educational Leadership
2021 Harry L. Crisp, II Doctor of Public Service
2021 Ngozi O. Ezike Doctor of Community Health
2021 Pamela K. Pfeffer Doctor of Humane Letters
2020 Bob Odenkirk Doctor of Performing Arts
2020 Jacquelyn D. Spinner Doctor of Media Arts
2020 Pamela J. Wilson Doctor of Community Health
2019 Thanu Kulachol Doctor of Education
2019 Melissa McCarthy Doctor of Performing Arts
2019 Charles Neblett Doctor of Humane Letters
2018 Janice L. Jacobs Doctor of Public Service
2018 Richard W. Peck Doctor of Literary Arts
2018 Richard Roundtree Doctor of Performing Arts
2017 General Larry O. Spencer Doctor of Public Service
2017 Susan K. McClary Doctor of Music Arts
2017 Howard A. Peters III Doctor of Humane Arts
2016 Joan E. Higginbotham Doctor of Aerospace Science
2016 Donald L. Beggs, Ph.D Doctor of Education Leadership
2015 Captain William Norwood Doctor of Aviation Science
2015 Dixie B. Fortis Posthumous Doctor of Commerce
2015 The Honorable Jim Edgar Doctor of Humane Arts
2013 Robert L. Murphy Doctor of Humanities
2012 Deirdre McCloskey Doctor of Humane Letters
2011 Nuruddin Farah Doctor of Humane Letters
2011 Amy Goodman Doctor of Humane Discourse
2008 Hedayat Amin-Arsala Doctor of Humane Letters
2007 Minnijean Brown Trickey Doctor of Humane Letters
2006 Judge Abner J. Mikya Doctor of Laws
2006 Daisaku Ikeda Doctor of Humane Letters
2005 Jagdish N. Bhagwati Doctor of Arts
2005 Constance Baker Motley Doctor of Humane Letters
2004 Jo Ann Boydston Doctor of Humane Letters
2003 James M. Rosser Doctor of Humane Letters
2003 Burnell Kraft Doctor of Commercial Science
2003 Jie-fu Huang Doctor of Humane Letters
2002 Thomas Yongbong Chung Doctor of Humanities
2002 Mark J. Ashley Doctor of Science
2001 Oscar Arias Doctor of Human Letters