Honors Day

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Honors Day

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Honors Day college ceremonies time TBD.





Honors Day is an annual celebration of the academic achievement of our undergraduate students. It serves as an important prelude to our university commencement, and  includes ceremonial elements such as college gonfalons: presentation of certificates, cords and medallions: inspirational messages: and celebratory music.

Faculty members are encouraged to join the students, and later, in their own college setting, the students will be recognized by their peers and deans for their academic accomplishments.


Criteria for Honors

Qualification for recognition is determined at the end of the third week of the spring semester.  Recognition at that time will be accorded to a full- or part-time undergraduate student who has:

(1) attained an undergraduate grade point average at SIU of 3.50 or better and, if applicable, a 3.50 average or better in all undergraduate work (including transfer credit) recognized by SIU; and

(2) reached the benchmarks of 12, 45, 75, or 105 SIU credit hours of coursework since the prior year's qualification determination. Such an Academic Honors student will be invited by the University to the next regularly scheduled Honors Day ceremony.